Shipment Status Reference

What does each delivery status mean?


The Tracking number is not valid or no package tracking info is available yet.

Pre Transit

The label is created and the shipping provider is about to pick up the package.

In Transit

The shipment was accepted by the shipping provider and its on the way.

Available for Pickup

The shipment is ready to be picked up.

Out for Delivery

Carrier is about to deliver the shipment

Failed Attempt

Carrier attempted to deliver the package but failed.


the delivery has been cancelled.

Return To Sender

Shipment is returned to sender.


The shipment was delivered successfully

On Hold

The shipment is on hold


Other exceptions.

TrackShip Status Messages

Pending TrackShip

This is a temporary status that indicated that the tracking info was sent to TrackShip and the first tracking data will update shortly. please try to refresh the orders admin in a few minutes.

TrackShip connection issue

This means that you got an SSL issue on your store, check the SSL Requirements for more details.

Invalid Tracking Number

The Tracking number you entered for this order returns invalid from the shipping provider.


The Shipping Provider’s name is invalid for this tracking number.


TrackShip does not support this shipping provider, if your shipping software sends a different name than the one on TrackShip, you can map the shipping provider’s names on the Map Providers¬†settings

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